Meet Our Team

Any great undertaking is the culmination of skills, creativity, and knowledge from various contributors. It is with great pride that we introduce OUR contributors.

  • Kaia Aldridge - Founder, DJ

    Kaia is a fourth year Business Administration student with a passion for musical entertainment. Kaia founded Traveling Haüs in May 2022 in his own backyard. On top of being a DJ and producer, Kaia has driving passion for using music as a medium for bringing people together!

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  • Luke Garcia - Co-Founder, DJ

    Luke is a fourth year Public Relations and Entrepreneurship student. Luke has been a part of the crew since the birth of Traveling Haüs and has been DJing and producing house music for over 3 years. Luke is a renowned festival attendee, and is passionate about creating a community centered around the power of electronic music.

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  • Corinne Chan - Media Coordinator, Photographer

    Corinne is a fourth year Business Administration student at Cal Poly SLO with a concentration in marketing. For Haüs, she is a graphic designer, social media manager, and photographer. Her favorite EDM genres are techno and house!

  • Lily Tenner - Media Coordinator, Photographer

    Lily is part of the 2024 graduating class, majoring in Journalism Public Relations and double minoring in Photography and Integrated Marketing Communications at Cal Poly. She is a self-proclaimed music junkie and is deeply passionate about promoting music and entertainment through social media marketing. She is an LA native, a foodie, and a beach girl, and dreams of traveling the world and going to every music festival!

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  • Lucas Loureiro - Creative Director, DJ

    Better known as Tarzan, Lucas is graduating in 2024 with an Environmental Management degree, and a foundational experience in communications through his years of experience representing various organizations in engaging youth communities. Having been an instrumental contributor to the vision of Traveling HAÜS since its first events, he is passionate about the freedom of self-expression, inclusivity, and immersing the sound of music into nature. Born and raised in Portugal, Tarzan invites a latin spice to the dance floor that will keep those hips groovin’ all night long. If you spot those curls, feel free to ask him about his journey into the world of music!